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Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are an increasingly common pest which feeds exclusively on blood, and cause harmful, itchy bites to humans who encounter them. The term "bed bug" comes from their desire to be around warmth, especially inside of beds or other sleep areas. Bed bugs are mainly active at night and usually feed on their hosts without being noticed. A number of adverse health effects may result from bed bites.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Process

The first step to treating bed bugs is to have a through inspection of the property that may be infested. If bed bugs are detected, we'll treat with a proven application & technique that has been shown to not just get rid of the pests, but also to keep them from returning.

Each bed bug case is unique, so we'll discuss any preparations you may need to make, and how quickly we can do the job with you once we have completed a thorough inspection. We'll give you the details of the exact treatment process we'll use at your property and a cost estimate.

We are the only company in Galveston County using heat to treat bed bugs. Heat is a highly effective treatment in that it gets into in places where chemical treatments cannot.

We also employ Monnit Temperature sensors. We can place these sensors around a room, in furniture and remote places. They send us reports every hour on how hot it is getting to make sure the entire room heats up to the desire temperature, resulting in a more effective treatment.

We're Your Local Galveston Bed Bug Treatment Experts

Our bed bug treatment services are available throughout the Galveston area, including Jamaica Beach, Texas City, Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Gilchrist & High Island, La Marque, Santa Fe, Dickinson Galveston, League City, Friendswood, Algoa, Kemah & Clear Lake Shores.

Galveston Island Pest Control is ready to get rid of bed bugs at your home, and keep them away forever. If you think you have a bed bug problem, please call us at 409-497-2264 and one of our representatives will help you schedule an appointment for service or answer any questions you may have. You may also contact us any time using our online form.